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Marjorie Harshaw Robie is the great granddaughter of Michael Harshaw. Michael was born in Ballydogherty, County Armagh, and was a first cousin of James Harshaw. Her family has carried on the strong Presbyterian heritage of James's family in Ireland. Michael became a Presbyterian minister, as were both of his sons.

Marjorie was born in Minneapolis MN, but lived first in Maryland and then in Massachusetts. She graduated from Tufts University, having majored in English there. She married Eugene Robie and they had 6 children, and now 8 grandchildren. Marjorie taught for many years in the schools of Ipswich MA where they settled after Gene served in the Navy.

Carrying on the family tradition of public service, Marjorie served 2 terms as a member of the Ipswich School Committee, 4 years as Chairman. Then Marjorie turned her attention to history, and became a member of the Ipswich Historical Commission. Her interest in genealogy started with the TV series "Roots," which alerted so many to the fun of pursuing family history.

Since her involvement with the Harshaw Diaries, she has learned much about Irish history, and now lectures on Irish history of the 19th century. For inquiries or further information, please contact Marge via e-mail regarding the Harshaw line, the Harshaw Diaries, or the Book about the Diaries (Different Dreams).

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Jane Harshaw Martin, sister of James Harshaw and mother of "Honest" John Martin, is the great, great, great grandmother of Suzanne Ballard. Suzanne lives in Washington State and has been an avid genealogist on her Irish line since the early 1980's when she had the "impression" that her Irish Ancestors wanted to be found. Her Irish grandmother gave her a small piece of paper that was written in the 1930's by her father, James Martin, Jr., nephew of Honest John. This paper contained priceless information that are necessary for a person to do any Irish research (religion, townland & county of origin, name/ occupation of Irish ancestor). From that small slip of paper and from numerous miracles along the way, Suzanne has been able to trace her Irish ancestry back to the mid-1600's including peripheral Irish lines. These ancestors, whose genetic blood runs through her veins, are not just names and dates on a pedigree chart, but real, living people for whom she has acquired a deep respect and love. Her association with a distant cousin, Marjorie Harshaw Robie, has brought even greater knowledge of her Irish heritage. In 1997, together with Suzanne's son, Kevin, webmaster of this web page, they explored the Harshaw/Martin lands in Ireland and met their Irish cousins. Suzanne and her husband, Russ, have five children and 3 grandchildren. More can be read about Suzanne and her family on the Ballard family web page. For inquiries or further information, please contact Suzanne via e-mail regarding the Martin line, "Honest" John Martin, or the Young Irelanders.



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