The Death of Jane Harshaw Martin

As told by her brother James Harshaw, the Diarist


July 16th

Rose after three o'clock and visited my sister; found her very weak kissed her brow, David Martin read the 17th Chapter of Johns Gospel I prayed. Remained with Robert and others of the family in the drawing room - visited her again and kissed her brow -- her breathing continues very calm and countenance very placid and mild. The last Enemy seems near, very near - but disarmed of his usual terrors. Her lamp burns quietly out, like the sun in the Western sky on a clear mild evening in the month of July. She entered into her rest about half past six o'clock this morning in presence of all her children myself and the Dandy. On my way home about 8 o'clock I was forcibly struck by the thought, that I had never traveled that way before without a sister this reflection brought water to my eyes, but I was consoled by the thaught that she had entered into her rest, that she slept in Jesus and that to be with Christ was "far better." John Martin closed her eyes. She sleeps ah now the dreamless sleep of Death. After life's fitful fever she sleeps well.

July 17th

Fine warm morning, north air went with Billy Wilemsen and Mr Thompson and opened a grave for my sisters remanes in the North-West corner of the family burying ground in Donaghmore Church yard, down to the lid of her late husbands coffen (Saml Martin) the lid of which coffin was quit strong and able to bear a mans weaght although it had been there 16 years and some days he Mr Martin having died on the 8th of July 1831. I then returned home. Went to my sisters where I remained about 2 hours, returned and dined with Jane & Andy, attended my sisters funeral at four o'clock it was very large, she was carried on handspakes, Mr Moore read the 15th chapter of 1st Cor delivered a short address at the grave about 6 o'clock. John arrived.

Sample of James Harshaw's Writing