Names of Emigrants Mentioned in the Harshaw Diaries

So many people took ship from Ireland despite the dangers of the long ocean voyage. Those with the least amount of money took passage for Canada, though many of them made their way to America later on. The trip to Australia was to expensive for the poorer people no matter how attractive the destination.

We would like to find descendants of the men and women whose departure was noted in the Diaries. Included in this category are some descendants of James himself. The first name on our list is Smith. Emma Harshaw, born in 1856 married Henry Smith. When last heard of they lived in Brooklyn at 232A Prospect St. in 1907. The second name with a family connection is a little more unusual. Sarah Harshaw married Leopold Pardo in Waldwick NJ, date unknown. They had a daughter Jane who married in the early 1940s possibly in Waldwick, and had at least one child, a daughter born in 1942 or 1943.

Now for some of the emigration information in the Diaries:

    1. David Speers left for America, 9/25/1847.
    2. Barney Cook, and family, left for America, 10/24/1848.
    3. Thomas Morrow, and Tom Barkley left for America, 10/26/1848.
    4. Andrew Mc Clelland and family, Mrs. McKnight, William McKnight and wife, Thomas Clegg and wife, Thomas Boyd and wife left for America, 4/2/1849.
    5. Mrs. Dell and son Samuel left for America, 6/16/1849.
    6. Williamboy (possibly Robinson) and sister Mary Ann left for Quebec, 5/6/1850.
    7. Nancy and Hannah Speers left for New York, 9/19/1850.
    8. James and his sister Elizabeth Wright left for New York, 6/7/1851.
    9. Mr. Thompson (Bob?) left for New York, 6/10/1851.
    10. Agnes McAravey left for New York, 7/12/1851.
    11. James Irvine left for New York, 6/5/1852.
    12. Peggy Boyd and son David left for New York, 6/12/1852.
    13. William and Nancy Speers left for New York, 10/9/1852.
    14. William Norritt and wife left for New York, 11/18/1852.
    15. Tom Neel left for Australia, 12/22/1852.
    16. Isaac and Andrew Todd, left for Australia, 3/8/1853.
    17. John Todd and the Scotts, left for America, 10/5/1853.
    18. Sam Donlay left for America, 3/31/1855.
    19. Two young women named Wright left for America,5/16/1855.
    20. John Robinson and Mary Irvine left for America, 5/24/1856.
    21. William and Joe Neil, and Marshall Wilson, left for America, 4/11/1857.

If any of these families are part of your families, we would very much like to hear from you.

Article written by Marjorie Harshaw Robie, March 27, 2000