Bibliography of Suggested Reading

General Irish History & Newry, Co. Down vicinity general history:

"The Green Flag", by Robert Kee (History of Ireland, 3 volumes)

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"Old Families of Newry and District from Gravestone Inscriptions, Wills, and Biographical Notes," Vol. 21, edited by RSJ Clarke, Ulster Historical Foundation, Belfast, 1998

"The Heart of Downe, Old Banbridge Families from Gravestone Inscriptions, Wills, and Biographical Notes,", Vol. 20, edited by RSJ Clarke, Ulster Historical Foundation, Belfast, 1989.

"The Newry Telegraph" newspaper, British Library, on microfilm.

"A History of Ulster", by Jonathan Bardon, Blackstaff Press, Belfast, 1992.

Harshaw/Martin family:

"An Ancient Irish Parish, Past & Present being The Parish of Donaghmore, County Down." by Rev. J. Davidson Cowan, London, 1914.

"Diaries of an Irish Farmer", ("Irish America" magazine), Sept/Oct 1998, p 54.

"A History of Nelson Masonic Lodge of Newry" by Francis C. Crossle, Newry, 1909.

"The Harshaw Diaries", Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast (#D/4149)

"Honest" John Martin:

"The Life and Letters of John Martin", by P. A. Sillard, Dublin, 1893.

"Letters on the Irish National Question", by John Martin, Dublin, 1863.

"Correspondence Between John Martin & William Smith O'Brien, Relative to the French Invasion", Dublin, 1861.

"The Irish Felon" Newspaper, British Library, London (on microfilm in Suzanne Ballard's possession).

Young Irelanders & Irish Famine Books:

"The Great Shame", Thomas Kineally, Doubleday, 1999. (author of "Schindler's List")

"Jail Journal", John Mitchel, Dublin, 1918.

"The Heart of Exile", Patsy Adam-Smith, Melbourne, 1986.

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"To Solitude Consigned: The Tasmanian Journal of William Smith O'Brien, 1849-1853", William Smith O'Brien, ed. Richard Davis, Sydney, 1995.

Soon to be published:

"The Harshaw Diary Book", by Marjorie Harshaw Robie.